AgileCover: Managed IT Support Solutions


These days, your business relies on your computer systems more than ever before. That’s why it’s important to ensure that every application is up-to-date, every file is safe and usable and every server is running at top speed.

And properly managing your computer systems can save you money. According to a study by Gartner Group, the total cost of ownership of a properly managed desktop computer is around $1,700 less than an un-managed one. But keeping every piece of your IT platform optimized and working in perfect synergy takes a team of dedicated, experienced professionals.

AgileCover gives you all the benefits of an enterprise-level team of dedicated support professionals, leaving you free to concentrate on building your business instead of keeping the gears turning. More than just an ‘insurance policy’ in case of problems, AgileCover delivers quality IT management services each month and includes a block of support hours for any issues, all at affordable monthly rates.

AgileCover: Managed IT Support Solutions


AgileCover: Monitoring and Maintenance

With AgileCover Monitoring and Maintenance, Agile IT will monitor your workstations, servers and virtual machines 24/7 and quickly notify you of any issues.  AgileCover Monitoring and Maintenance identifies hardware issues, software issues, required patches and updates and provides comprehensive management of your servers and virtual machines.

You can relax knowing that Agile IT’s highly experienced team of Support Technicians and Engineers is ensuring that your servers and virtual machines are kept up to date with the latest operating system patches and updates to keep them running at optimal performance levels.

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Inclusive of between 5 and 40 hours of support each month, AgileSupport gives you access to our highly-skilled team of technicians and engineers whenever you need them.

Unused hours rollover from month to month and the fixed monthly rate allows you to budget easily for your support needs.

AgileSupport also keeps your line-of-business (LOB) applications up to date with any vendor-supplied updates and patches, helping to ensure that your users are always running the most up-to-date versions of your LOB applications.  And any other issues affecting your servers, workstations, or network devices are covered under AgileSupport.

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AgileCover: Compliance Reportingregulatory_compliance

At some point, all organizations subject to regulatory compliance are required to perform an audit. If the audit reveals something out of compliance, the resulting costs and other consequences could be substantial. By maintaining compliance and proactively resolving issues as they occur, audits becomes much less daunting, much speedier and ultimately cheaper.

AgileCover Compliance Reporting reports against a wide range of regulatory compliance requirements to give you advanced notice of issues and enable you to take remedial action. The features and benefits of AgileCover Compliance Reporting include:

  • Reduced cost of security and compliance by automating auditing and vulnerability management
  • Penetration testing to ensure you are protected from the latest known vulnerabilities
  • Empowering you to prioritize resources and streamline remediation efforts through task-specific reporting
  • Simplifying assessments with a single, non-intrusive, scalable solution
  • Providing a central source of reporting for all discovered assets in your organization, including network devices, operating systems, applications, databases, and web applications

AgileCover Compliance Reporting covers a wide range of regulatory compliance requirements, including: PCI, DSS, HIPAA, FISMA etc. and can be added to your AgileCover Managed IT Support Solution.

Why choose Agile IT as your Managed IT Partner?

Although there are many companies that will offer to support your business IT infrastructure, few can offer the wealth of knowledge and experience that Agile IT has gained. Even fewer can deliver that expertise in way which is easy to understand, affordable and seamless.

  • Top-rated Microsoft Partner
  • Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year for 3 consecutive years

  • 7 Gold and 7 Silver Microsoft Competencies
  • Expert, experienced Microsoft Certified Engineers and Technicians

For fixed-price, enterprise-class managed support solutions, trust the best in the business – Agile IT.

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