Enterprise PC & Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Intune

Your users depend on you to keep their PCs and devices running smoothly and securely, with access to the tools and applications they need on the devices they use – at any time, from nearly anywhere.

Windows Intune is a unique solution that provides businesses with cloud-based management tools and reports, as well as an upgrade license to the latest version of Windows, helping to keep their Windows-based PCs up-to-date and secure from virtually anywhere. In addition, Windows Intune extends security and management features to a range of mobile devices and provides a cloud-based, self-service portal so that IT can enable users to access the applications and tools they need to stay productive.

With Windows Intune, whether your users are in the office or on the road, you can give them a rich, productive and personalized experience without compromising the essentials – costs, control, security and compliance.

Windows Intune Management Portal

Windows Intune has a user-centric approach that enables the IT Professional to target key management functions at user accounts. These user accounts are maintained in the Windows Azure Active Directory, which is the same online directory service used for other Microsoft Online Services such as Office 365. This means you can synchronize users and groups from your existing online services and manage them with Windows Intune.

Key Benefits Of Intune

  • Help protect PCs from malware – Remains the same great standard of PC security
  • Manage updates – Centrally manage the deployment of updates to Microsoft and most third-party software, keeping the applications your workers need current.
  • Distribute software – Deploy most of your licensed software like Microsoft Office 2010 or third-party applications, to PCs located nearly anywhere via the cloud. Use your existing Active Directory structure to provide users with software personalized to their role, ensuring they have the tools they need to be productive
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts – Receive alerts on updates, threats, offline PCs and more so that you can proactively identify and work to resolve problems with your PCs virtually anywhere. NEW -Disable or configure a single or multiple alerts at one time directly from the System Overview page or the Alerts Overview page.
  • Provide remote assistance – Help resolve PC issues, regardless of where you or your users are located, with remote assistance
  • Inventory hardware and software – Track PC hardware and software assets used in your business to efficiently manage your assets and compliance and help ensure you are optimizing your licensing investments
  • Monitor & track licenses – Manage Microsoft Volume License Agreements and other license agreements to track how many licenses you’ve purchased against what you’ve installed
  • Increase insight with reporting – Create customizable reports. From hardware to software you understand what your customer has and better recommend new hardware as needed.
  • Set security policies – Centrally manage update, firewall, and endpoint protection policies, even on remote machines outside the corporate network. New policy templates added with recommended settings, which make it easy for you to create and deploy policies that implement best practices.
  • Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS) Integration – Link your on-site ADDS to the Microsoft Online directory service so that your user accounts and security groups can be synchronized with Windows Intune. This allows you to manage your users and devices using the Windows Intune service.
  • Empower users to get the applications they need for the device they are using – Reduce the IT burden for managing non-corporate and user-owned devices by providing an IT-defined selection of applications for download from the Windows Intune self-service portals, targeted to the user profile.
  • System Center Configuration Manager Integration – add mobile devices managed with Windows Intune to the System Center console and manage all the devices through one tool
  • Administer and Manage Mobile Devices – Employees and contract staff may use a number of devices to access business information they need. By integrating with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Windows Intune offers the flexibility to manage many devices brought into the workplace, even if not owned by your organization. Windows Intune allows you to set security policies for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and enforce PIN set, encryption and enable remote wipe, helping ensure security of your mobile and non-corporate devices.
SCCM Device Collections

For organizations with 250 or more users, Agile IT offers the following AgileDesktop Services:

Prior to a full roll-out of Intune, Agile IT will provide a proof of concept, as follows:

  • Define deployment strategy of Intune client on PC workstations to domain joined PC’s via Active Directory, where appropriate
  • Define installation strategy of Office 2010 client on PC workstations to domain joined PC’s via Intune. This includes Office 2010 32 and 64 bit packages.
  • Provide Direct Workstation support for customer defined Pilot Uses of 100 successfully deployed PC’s without error. We suggest including 5 or more pilot desktops per operating system level (including service packs levels deployed). Direct investigation of any deployment errors will be performed with direct assistance from Agile IT.
  • Production deployment of the remaining PC’s by Agile IT
  • Examine and recommend strategies for existing spam/virus detection programs with Microsoft Endpoint Protection. This may not be automated depending on the current solution in place.

Agile IT will deploy the latest version of Windows Intune throughout your infrastructure and provide the following ongoing services:

  • Management Portal orientation tour for your System Administrator
  • Demonstration of Intune capabilities:
    • Manage updates
    • Malware protection
    • Proactive monitoring of PCs
    • Providing remote assistance
    • Hardware and software inventory tracking
    • Security policies
  • Training for end-users
  • Maintain and deploy applications on an ongoing basis

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Intune Subscription Pricing

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Office 365 Success Stories

Microsoft Office 365 is at the forefront of productivity. For organizations of all sizes, Office 365 unites the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with the power of our most trusted productivity servers, into one connected online solution. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or a multinational corporation connecting your employees across the globe, the best productivity tools are at your fingertips.

State of Minnesota – The executive branch of the State of Minnesota is made up of more than 70 agencies and employs 35,000 people. The State Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) provides services that improve government through the effective use of information technology. In 2010, OET decided to move the entire executive branch to the cloud-based services of Microsoft Office 365. With a hosted enterprise solution, IT staff can provide a highly reliable and secure platform while decreasing administration and costs.

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Patagonia – Patagonia, a global provider of outdoor apparel and gear wanted a new solution for unified communications to help employees around the world work better together. The IT staff also needed to upgrade its aging messaging solution. Based on a pilot test of Office 365, Patagonia expects employees to communicate more effectively and make better design decisions. Patagonia also believes Office 365 will help it reduce IT costs, improve business continuity, and support its environmental initiatives.

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Imagination Yoga – Imagination Yoga, which brings the benefits of yoga to children’s classrooms, struggled with communication among its owners. By adopting Microsoft Office 365, the company gained mobile access to email and calendar information, shared workspaces, and a centralized document repository. Imagination Yoga now runs more efficiently, can be more responsive, and is able to better focus on its mission to bring yoga to more children.

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Traveler’s Haven - Travelers Haven is growing rapidly and wants to better coordinate employee activities. The company is testing Microsoft Office 365 and already finds it exceptionally useful in improving efficiency and communicating with remote employees. Once the whole staff is using Office 365, Travelers Haven expects to save 30 hours a day, avoid U.S.$100,000 annually in IT costs, and feel comfortable opening new offices around the United States.

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Intune Deep Dive

Active Directory (AD)
Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems.
An AD domain controller authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network—assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software.
SAML Endpoints
SAML 2.0 is a standard which ensures interoperability across identity providers and gives enterprises the freedom to choose a cloud providers without needing to worry about additional management.
Many Cloud services are SAML Endpoints. Some of the most well-known are are:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Salesforce.com
  • Remedy
  • ZenDesk
  • Zoho
  • Zimbra
  • CIsco Webex
  • Box.com

and many more.