SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 Migration, Training and Consulting

SharePoint 2013 ConsultingSharePoint does it all–Process Automation, CMS, intranet, collaboration, workflow building, and so much more. And while a platform that “does it all” can be complicated, the benefit it delivers is simple: bringing together disparate processes, people, and applications, putting them all on a single, centrally administrable, easy-to-use-and-share platform.


Knowledge Management to Keep Your Business Better ConnectedOffice 365 SharePoint

Choose Agile IT to help you use SharePoint to: create intranets, portals, and websites; manage content across multiple websites; and create online communities for employees, customers, prospects, and visitors.

Why Agile IT?

Through a careful and consistent application of real-world SharePoint implementation and customization expertise, along with rigorous adhesion to Microsoft best practices, Agile IT’s SharePoint Portals, Content Management, and Communities consultants will let you give your users the freedom they desire, while letting you transparently maintain the level of control and security you require.

Using a concise and time-tested approach, Agile IT will assess your business needs alongside the power and potential of your SharePoint platform, illuminating you and your team to areas in your business practices that would most benefit from more extensive leverage of SharePoint.

Agile IT will show you how you can:

  • provide in-house staff and first-time visitors with a more consistent experience
  • better create, update, and re-use content across websites, portals, and intranets
  • ease administration of business processes and people
  • improve compliance, security, and privacy
  • empower system users with greater access to information and tools
  • and so much more


SharePoint: The Only Platform for the Agile Business

As said, SharePoint does it all, but it’s the expertise of Agile IT that will help you and your team take advantage of that “all.”

Accelerate Adoption! SharePoint Jumpstart Training

SharePoint TrainingWith our SharePoint Jumpstart Training, we deliver an 8 hour Introductory SharePoint Workshop consisting of two sessions of approximately 4 hours each.

The first session is to introduce business leaders, managers, and IT team to the features of SharePoint and what it can do for your business.

The SharePoint Jumpstart initial session focuses on:

  • Intro and Overview of SharePoint Business Value
  • Working with SharePoint Online
  • Key SharePoint Building Blocks
  • Lists
  • Views
  • Document Libraries

  • Permissions
  • Metadata
  • Search
  • Workflows
  • Questions & Answers

The second 4 hour session is designed to assist prototype key features the business team has asked for during the first session as we develop key custom business automations tailored to the business needs of the organizations. Additional customized SharePoint Training is also available to meet every unique business need.

SharePoint Composites, Web Parts, & Custom Workflow Consulting

SharePoint Azure IntegrationSharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most powerful solutions, and it can often be one of its most challenging, too. With the introduction of SharePoint Composites and other functionality, that’s about to change.

Agile IT can provide the consulting help you require for SharePoint Composites, SharePoint Web Part, SharePoint .Net, and SharePoint Workflows. Focusing exclusively on Microsoft products and technologies–and being a Microsoft Gold Partner–means Agile IT has the expertise and inside track on how to make SharePoint work for you and your organization.

SharePoint: The Only Platform for the Agile Business

SharePoint Best Practices TrainingSharePoint Composites allow you to assemble websites, workflows, and so much more through a series of easy-to-use building blocks. Agile IT can help you get started by clarifying and simplifying the SharePoint architecture, and will quickly empower you with the technological understanding required so that you can use SharePoint as easily as you use Outlook.

The end goal is to give you all the website-building, .Net development, content management, and workflow creating power of SharePoint while requiring little to no coding. And to do so according to your business rules and needs, whether you’re working on-site or in the cloud.



The Agile IT SharePoint Edge

Let an Agile IT consultant help you seize the reins of your technology platform today with specialized consulting services in SharePoint Composites, Web Parts,  and Workflows.

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A one-time investment in Agile IT’s expertise can deliver a lifetime of SharePoint power.