Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Consulting

One key to being a successful IT professional is to balance both empowering your user base with the tools and technology they need while concurrently maintaining security and operational efficiencies of all desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and servers.

Agile IT can partner with you in doing just that through solutions such as Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager, which enables you to give end users the self-service tools they require while automating common identity lifecycle management tasks.

Using Forefront Identity Manager, you can more easily manage identities, credentials, and resources across multiple directory trees and application-specific identity sources, thereby avoiding inefficient identity management processes that always prove to be costly.

The Agile IT Edge

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 consulting services from Agile IT can make security a simpler undertaking for any IT professional. Agile IT has successfully implemented Identity Manager for many organizations, and can do the same for you, providing you with an identity management solution that is reliant, compliant, flexible, and secure.

Contact Agile IT today and learn how you can improve systems security and user freedom by streamlining your Identity Management operations with Forefront.