Office 365 Regulatory Compliance, Encryption, Archiving & eDiscovery

Office 365 allows organizations to implement Archiving and eDiscovery using the native services integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to achieve regulatory compliance. The Office 365 Archive and eDiscovery solution is designed to help customers satisfy the any of following regulatory compliance requirements:

  • Regulatory Compliance (SEC, FINRA, SOX, FRCP)
  • Litigation Hold and eDiscovery
  • Storage Resource Management
  • Additional Encryption Options for HIPAA & GLBA Compliance

With years of experience in Office 365 Regulatory Compliance, both native and applied via 3rd party tools such as Proofpoint and Exchange Hosted Encryption, Agile IT is the premier choice for Office 365 Regulatory Compliance.

For customers with 50 or more users to migrate, we recommend starting your journey to the Cloud with our FREE AgileAscend Strategic Review. The review lasts around 2 hours and will give you your team to review the Office 365 options in depth. As part of the review, we will review your regulatory compliance needs and how to migrate seamlessly to Office 365 | Contact Us to find out more.

Learn about the Office 365 Regulatory Compliance Options:

Using the Enterprise Suite E3 (E3) plan from Office 365,  your email will automatically begin archiving from your Office 365 email staying in Microsoft’s secure data centers.

  • Unlimited Storage - Customers of Office 365 E3 plans can store an unlimited amount of data at no extra cost.
  • All Data Searchable at All Times - Office 365 keeps all data online and immediately accessible for searches in web or native Outlook interface.
  • Built In Outlook Support - Users won’t miss a beat Microsoft’s Archive Support is built in using the native Outlook interface with NO Add-ons or Web pages (unless you want to view it from the web)
  • Litigation Hold - Retain e-mail messages, calendar items, tasks, and other mailbox items on the servers in the Microsoft Exchange datacentre even if the user deletes them.
  • eDiscovery - Search for documents, websites, and email messages spread across laptops, email servers, file servers, and other sources, and collecting and acting on content that meets the criteria for a legal case.

Extend Protection with 3rd Party Add-on Solutions Configured by Agile IT
While adding additional costs and not providing Outlook native search integration, Agile IT are experts at selection, planning and configuration of additional regulatory compliance functionality in Office 365 such as Microsoft Hosted Encryption or 3rd party services like Proofpoint.

AgileAscend Enterprise
Office 365 Regulatory Compliance Migration with Guidance & Training by Agile IT

AgileAscend Enterprise Assisted Office 365 Migration is the ideal solution for customers with regulatory compliance challenges and have some technical expertise or in-house IT staff. For a fixed price, Agile IT will guide your team through the entire migration process from start to finish.


Questions? Connect with Office 365 Compliance Experts
Let Agile IT transform business and migrate you to the Office 365 cloud safely and securely

Microsoft Exchange Hosted Encryption is a convenient, easy-to-use e-mail encryption service that helps to safely deliver your confidential business communications.

Government and industry regulations—such as those posed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)—offer even more compelling reasons for corporations to increase the security of messages to help meet compliance requirements. However, existing solutions—such as server-to-server level encryption, public key infrastructure (PKI), and password-protected files—can be expensive and complicated to integrate and to deploy for communication with parties outside of your organization. These solutions do not provide the flexibility, sophistication, or ease of use that corporate users need to deploy e-mail encryption for external communications.

How It Works

In traditional encryption systems such as PKI, certificates bind public keys to identities. Users must pre-enroll in server systems to receive a certificate, which is signed by a Certification Authority, so that they can send and receive secure messages.

View How-To Create Encryption Policy Rules in Exchange Hosted Encryption

Exchange Hosted Encryption incorporates Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) technology in a managed service platform. Developed by Voltage Security, a Microsoft technology partner, IBE is a breakthrough in security and usability for message encryption. Exchange Hosted Encryption eliminates the need for certificates and uses a recipient’s e-mail address as the public key, IBE automatically binds the user’s identity to the public key and eliminates the need for certificates.

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Office 365 Success Stories

Microsoft Office 365 is at the forefront of productivity. For organizations of all sizes, Office 365 unites the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with the power of our most trusted productivity servers, into one connected online solution. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or a multinational corporation connecting your employees across the globe, the best productivity tools are at your fingertips.

State of Minnesota – The executive branch of the State of Minnesota is made up of more than 70 agencies and employs 35,000 people. The State Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) provides services that improve government through the effective use of information technology. In 2010, OET decided to move the entire executive branch to the cloud-based services of Microsoft Office 365. With a hosted enterprise solution, IT staff can provide a highly reliable and secure platform while decreasing administration and costs.

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Patagonia – Patagonia, a global provider of outdoor apparel and gear wanted a new solution for unified communications to help employees around the world work better together. The IT staff also needed to upgrade its aging messaging solution. Based on a pilot test of Office 365, Patagonia expects employees to communicate more effectively and make better design decisions. Patagonia also believes Office 365 will help it reduce IT costs, improve business continuity, and support its environmental initiatives.

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Imagination Yoga – Imagination Yoga, which brings the benefits of yoga to children’s classrooms, struggled with communication among its owners. By adopting Microsoft Office 365, the company gained mobile access to email and calendar information, shared workspaces, and a centralized document repository. Imagination Yoga now runs more efficiently, can be more responsive, and is able to better focus on its mission to bring yoga to more children.

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Traveler’s Haven - Travelers Haven is growing rapidly and wants to better coordinate employee activities. The company is testing Microsoft Office 365 and already finds it exceptionally useful in improving efficiency and communicating with remote employees. Once the whole staff is using Office 365, Travelers Haven expects to save 30 hours a day, avoid U.S.$100,000 annually in IT costs, and feel comfortable opening new offices around the United States.

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Intune Deep Dive

Active Directory (AD)
Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems.
An AD domain controller authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network—assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software.
SAML Endpoints
SAML 2.0 is a standard which ensures interoperability across identity providers and gives enterprises the freedom to choose a cloud providers without needing to worry about additional management.
Many Cloud services are SAML Endpoints. Some of the most well-known are are:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Remedy
  • ZenDesk
  • Zoho
  • Zimbra
  • CIsco Webex

and many more.