Managing an enterprise deployment of Forefront Client Security

From the Forefront Team Blog:

We’ve seen a lot of questions from customers asking whether Client Security can be deployed and managed in an enterprise environment with tens of thousands of users. You can manage an enterprise deployment of more than 10,000 clients from a single Client Security console.

Forefront Client Security Enterprise Manager provides administrators the ability to manage multiple Client Security deployments from a single server.

After you install Enterprise Manager you are able to centrally manage:

  • Client Security policy deployment.
  • Alerts from Client Security agents in the entire enterprise.
  • Reports from all Client Security deployments in the Enterprise Manager organization.

Enterprise Manager aggregates data from each configured Client Security deployment in your organization. This aggregated data allows you to centrally view reports on all your Client Security deployments. Enterprise Manager also eases Client Security policy management among multiple Client Security deployments.

Before using Client Security Enterprise Manager, read the Enterprise Manager documentation. You can download Client Security Enterprise Manager here.

Forefront Client Security Team Blog : Managing an enterprise deployment of Forefront Client Security

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