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AgileAdvisor: Your Partner in Digital Transformation

The way you do business is changing. Remote work and the need for collaboration across your organization requires that companies like yours transition to cloud-based environments.

Whether you are at the beginning of your cloud journey or wish to expand upon an existing cloud infrastructure, AgileAdvisor gives your company a way to strategize dynamically around a remote infrastructure.

Agile IT’s expertise with Microsoft 365 cloud services ensures that your collaborative work environment is secure, scaled to your exact business needs and evolving with your business as you continue to grow.

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The AgileAdvisor Consultative Process

AgileAdvisor is an ongoing consultative process involving a series of workshops, strategy sessions, and reviews scaled to your business. We take an agile approach, of course, working in collaboration with you throughout.

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1. Starting Point- Where you are now.

Are you overburdened by a legacy infrastructure and ready to start a transition to the cloud? Have you already transitioned to the cloud, but now faced with shifting regulations or requirements that require further evolution in the cloud?

Agile IT is ideally positioned to help any business, no matter where they are on their cloud journey. As a starting point, we run a thorough assessment of the current state of your business’ infrastructure, identifying where resources are needed, where workflows can and should evolve, and where your business can benefit from a cloud-based environment.

2. Discovery- Where you can go.

AgileIT leverages its expertise in Microsoft 365 services to identify a dynamic way forward for your business through digital transformation. Where can you go from here? How can your experience in the cloud transform your business?

We work in partnership with you from Day One to establish next steps that address your specific business needs, including requirements around security, data protection and privacy mandates, envisioning a future in which your company works collaboratively and securely in the cloud.

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3. Collaboration & Implementation- How you get there.

Once we know where you are going, we develop a comprehensive strategy to get you there. Every AgileIT account has a dedicated project manager who oversees all aspects of their cloud strategy and implementation. We believe in back and forth, and we never think that ‘one size fits all’ should apply to your company.

AgileAdvisor engages you in a consultative process to ensure that your remote environment is an ideal fit for you and your team. Once it’s time to implement your new cloud strategy, AgileAdvisor ensures your employees make the transition quickly and easily.

4. Ongoing Evaluation/Management – How you evolve.

Your business will continue to grow and evolve, and your cloud infrastructure should move with it. AgileAdvisor’s ongoing consultancy involves evaluation and management in the long term to ensure that your remote environment continues to serve your business needs.

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