Why Choose Agile IT for DirectAccess and PKI?

Want to further empower your organization by further extending your network capacities? It’s easy when you choose Agile IT as your consulting partner for your DirectAccess, network access protection (NAP), and certificate server (PKI) needs.

Helping businesses with anywhere from 10 to 10,000 users–on and off-site–provide secure and constant access to the data and tools each person requires is an Agile IT core competency. And tapping the built in-power of your Windows systems is where it starts.


What Is DirectAccess?


DirectAccess enables your remote users to securely access shared intranets, websites, and applications without requiring them to connect to a VPN–thereby avoiding the costly and time-consuming IT infrastructure such connections can often require.

Additionally, Agile IT has requisite experience in deploying Network Access Protection (NAP) solutions, and will assist you in creating a NAP solution that meets your every security need: firewalls, a/v software, antispam, and more.

The Agile IT Edge

Agile IT holds 14 Microsoft Partner Gold Competencies and has the experience in getting businesses across most every vertical up and running with DirectAccess. From a precise, documented assessment of your specific needs prior to project kick-off through deployment, Agile IT will ensure you implement within both the timeframe and budget required.

Keeping the focus on security, Agile IT can save you money setting-up and maintaining a public key infrastructure (PKI) using tools already built-in to your Windows Server. Agile IT will equip you with the understanding, skills, and tools required to design and implement a custom certificate-based security solutions for wireless networking, secure email, Web SSL, and much more using Windows Server PKI and certificate services.

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