Partner with Agile IT for your AWS migration:

  • Gain a trusted ally to design and implement your custom AWS configuration
  • Leverage Agile IT’s 100% success rate migrating hundreds of data centers to the cloud
  • Instantly access servers, storage, databases and application services
  • Improve performance and security with low latency, high redundancy and 99% uptime
  • Get free 60-day post-migration support and training for you and your users

The Advantages of Migrating to AWS

Save on Overhead and Computing Resources

Amazon has already invested in the infrastructure for you. Offloading IT maintenance and the associated costs to AWS saves your business thousands each year. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you pay only for the cloud resources you consume.

Quickly Scale Applications

Accessing IT resources has never been easier with an AWS migration. Equip your team with the compute resources they need now — without budget discussions and physical infrastructure delaying progress. With a lower cost and time commitment to experiment and develop, AWS frees your IT team to innovate risk-free.

Eliminate the Need for Capacity Planning

Anticipating how much capacity you’ll need before deploying an on-premises application is a guessing game. AWS allows you to easily scale resources up or down as you need them so you never have to sit on expensive or unused IT resources.

Focus on Projects That Drive Business Value

Business is more competitive than ever. By migrating to AWS, you can redirect IT resources to projects that differentiate your business instead of time-intensive data center maintenance.

Improve the Customer Experience

With AWS, rolling out new cloud applications is just few clicks away. You can achieve a lower latency for a minimal cost to optimize the experience for your customers.


Technology runs your business. So whether you plan to roll out new products, expand markets or acquire companies — your cloud strategy matters.

As your cloud partner, Agile IT provides the AWS strategy, implementation and ongoing training to develop a high-performance cloud environment and reach your goals faster.

Our team of AWS experts design and execute your cloud strategy with scalability, performance, security and disaster recovery in mind.

By understanding and utilizing all AWS offers, you can spend less and innovate more.

Don't leave your AWS migration to chance.

Partner with Agile IT to gain:

A Migration Path Designed to Scale With Your Business

A Dedicated AWS Consultant to Lead Your Migration

Migration Services and Ongoing Support to Maximize AWS

AgileDataCenter Will Get You To The Cloud...

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AWS Readiness Assessment Planning

A well-planned AWS deployment makes cloud computing accessible and profitable.

Our AWS Readiness Assessment Planning process aligns everyone around shared business goals and gives you visibility into the road ahead:


Review features and processes available within AWS products in this 2-hour workshop.


  • Auto Scaling
  • Data Migration
  • Directory Service
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Glacier
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Lambda
  • Route 53
  • Simple Storage Services (S3)
  • Virtual Private Cloud


Evaluate migration methods and infrastructure requirements for connecting your current datacenter to your new VPC in AWS.


  • Your current Infrastructure
  • Your current network architecture and capacity
  • Performance requirements
  • HA/resilience requirements
  • DR/backup requirements
  • Configuration and change management
  • Maintenance processes


Demystify your cloud migration with 2-hour planning sessions. Discuss assessment findings and how to accelerate your AWS onboarding.


  • A customized, scalable naming schema
  • A high-level data migration plan
  • A high-level compute migration plan
  • A backup plan for migrating workloads
  • Network connectivity plan
  • EBS configuration with optional encryption
  • Migrate up to 3 servers and a single high-performance workload as a proof-of-concept (AD DC, ADFS, etc.)

Managed AWS Services


AWS cloud hosting


AWS backup and storage


AWS deployment


Disaster recovery




Big data


Managed AWS services


AWS server migrations


AWS reporting


Configuration management


AWS identity and access management


Amazon EC2 virtualization




AWS Training

Ready to see how AWS can jumpstart your business?

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“We’ve had a strong relationship with Agile IT for 2 years,” Harry said. ‘The team takes their jobs seriously. They’re knowledgeable in many areas and transparent about what falls outside their expertise.”

Harry Tchira
President of Dotchi

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As a cloud-driven AWS partner, Agile IT will help you seamlessly migrate to AWS and forever transform the way you do business.

Take the guesswork out of your AWS migration. Our cloud experts have migrated more than 1 million mailboxes to the cloud with 100% success.

Our process combines superior project management, change management, technical consulting and support to deliver the best experience possible. Draw on Agile IT’s vast cloud experience to migrate the right way.

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