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DHCP Best Practices: Reservations in Split Scopes

Split scopes are genrally created to provide the backup cabability in DHCP Server. In case if one server goes down, the clients can still gets the Ip address from the other server.

Lets take an example how Split scopes are created.We have the range from to and we want to configure the split scope in 50-50 manner then

1)-We will create the scope to on first server(say A), we will configure the Exclusion on server A from address to so that it serves the addresses from to

2)- We will create the scope to on second server(say B), we will configure the Exclusion on server B from address to so that it serves the adderss from to

Now some times we want that few network devices like Printers,fax m/c should always get constant IP address, this problem can be solved by two ways

1)-We can configure the same reservation on these boxes, this will make sure that these machine are getting reserved IP address only but it can be assigned by any of the server(A or B)

2)- If we want that server A only should give IP X to client C and server B should not assign any address to that client then we can create the the reservation for client A on Server A and we can implement call out DLL on Server B that when ever this server receives the packet from client X, it should drop the packet. for more information for callout dlls one can referhttp://blogs.msdn.com/anto_rocks/archive/2005/02/25/380510.aspx

Microsoft Windows DHCP Team Blog : Reservations in Split Scopes

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