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How to Use NTttcp to Test Network Performance on Windows

Great tool.  After install, you can view the whitepaper in the following directory (no shortcuts created):

%programfiles%Microsoft CorporationNT Testing TCP Tool
NTttcp is a multithreaded, asynchronous application that sends and receives data between two or more endpoints and reports the network performance for the duration of the transfer. It is essentially a Winsock-based port of the ttcp tool that measures networking performance in terms of bytes transferred per second and CPU cycles per byte. Because it can be difficult to diagnose a system’s overall performance without dividing the system into smaller subsystems, NTttcp allows users to narrow the focus of their testing and investigation to just the networking subsystem.

NTttcp can be configured in a variety of ways, including:

  • Software affinity for threads can be set to a specified processor index.
  • Asynchronous or synchronous data transfers.
  • Data verification at the application level for a pre-determined pattern in the application buffers.
  • Send and receive traffic from multiple IP addresses with single command.
  • Support IPv6 performance testing.
  • Support UDP performance testing.
  • Support time-driven testing.
Version 3.0  NTttcp_x86.exe: [-l|-n|-p|-a|-x|-rb|-sb|-i|-f|-u|-w|-d|-t|-v|-6|-fr|-mb] 
-m <mapping> [mapping]
         -l   <Length of buffer>     [default:  64K]         -n   <Number of buffers>    [default:  20K]         -p   <Port base>            [default: 5001]         -a   [outstanding I/O]      [default:    2]         -x   [PacketArray size]     [default:    1]         -rb  <Receive buffer size>  [default:  64K]         -sb  <Send buffer size>     [default:    0]         -i   Infinite Loop          [Only UDP mode]          -f   <File Name>            [default: output.txt]         -u   UDP send/recv         -w   WSARecv/WSASend         -d   Verify Flag         -t   <Runtime> in seconds         -v   enable verbose mode         -6   enable IPv6 mode         -fr  Full buffers posted on reads         -mb  Multiple buffer post mode         -m   <mapping> [mapping]          where a mapping is a session(s),processor,receiver IP set         e.g. -m 4,0, sets up:         4 sessions on processor 0 to test a network on

Download the MSI $ Whitepaper @> How to Use NTttcp to Test Network Performance

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