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Installing Windows Vista Drivers on EEE PC 1000 Netbook

I wanted to install Vista on my niece’s new EEE PC 1000 Netbook for Christmas, mostly for the great parental controls.  The specs I have:

I took me about 2 hours to track down the latest Vista drivers that will work.  After a straightforward installation, I was quite impressed how quick Vista can be on a low power processor was after a few reboots.

What you need to install Vista on Asus EEE PC 1000:

Key Windows Vista Drivers for EEE PC 1000

Required Vista Drivers to Downloads:

Auto Detected by Vista, Built in to Windows Install DVD:

  • Audio Driver (when Installed with above Asus Instant Key Utility)
  • Web Cam Driver
  • Bluetooth

Available from Windows Update:

  • Video/Graphics Driver: Intel Mobile 945 Express
    Run Windows Update, Download Intel Mobile 945 Express Update
Minor Notes
  • Changed the boot order of the drives in the BIOS (F2 Bios) so that the 32GB drive XXX is higher then XXX.  This change makes the 8GB partition not required for booting (no system files).  This is more because of my OCD, then really required.
  • Feeling Adventurous, Install these BETA Multi-Touch drivers for your ELan Touchpad:
  • Had to change the boot order of the in the BIOS so that the DVD was first (defaults to removable media, hard drive, then external DVD)
  • You have to enable Bluetooth and Webcam in the BIOS, they are disabled by default.
  • Without the Asus Instant Key software above, Your EEE PC Audio won’t work.
  • Without the Asus ACPI driver, your volume keys, and other FN>F# keys won’t work (except brightness).  This is also required to be installed before the ASUS update (for BIOS updates).
  • Don’t delete the small 7MB partition labeled “BIOS” when installing XP/Vista…or you won’t be able to update the BIOS using the ASUS Update Utility. If you do, just download the bios, rename it to 1000.ROM and put it on a flash drive.  On boot, hit Alt-f2 to update from usb flash drive.
  • Disabled the page file to speed performance.  The write performance is horrible on these SSD drives.
Optimize Vista for Netbooks

Since this was for a personal, home laptop…I wanted optimize the netbook experience for a low power processor.

  • Application Experience
  • Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
  • Distributed Link Tracking Client
  • Offline Files
  • Readyboost (Since I have and SSD flash as my C: drive. This not recommended for regular hard drive models (high capacity 80+ GB drives)
  • Tablet PC Input Service

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