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Migrate DPM 2007 Datasource To Another Disk

The Migratedatasourcedatafromdpm.Ps1 DPM Powershell Script  is Included in Service Pack 1 of Data Protection Manager 2007.

The MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM is a command-line script that lets you migrate DPM data for individual “data source(s)” or all Replica volumes and recovery point volumes to different physical disks. Such a migration might be necessary when your disk is full and cannot be expanded, your disk is due for replacement, or disk errors show up.

Depending on how you have configured your environment, this could mean one of more of the following scenarios for moving data source data:

· DPM Physical disk to another DPM Physical disk

· DPM Data source to different DPM Physical disk

· DPM Data source to Custom volume.

The MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM script moves all data for a data source or disk to the new volume or physical disk. After migration is complete, the original disk from where the data was migrated from is not chosen for hosting any NEW backups, however the recovery points located on the source disk can be used for restores until the recovery points are expired.

Note: You must retain your old disks until all recovery points on them expire. After the recovery points expire, DPM automatically de-allocates the replicas and recovery point volumes on these disks.


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