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AgileAutoDiscover Office 365 AutoDiscover XML Tool

When you try to set up a new mail account for Microsoft Office 365 by using the Add New Account wizard in Microsoft Outlook, your Outlook profile may not be automatically set up. You will receive the following error message when Outlook tries to set up the server settings for your profile: An encrypted connection to your mail services is not available.

This issue occurs if one of the following is true:

  • The wrong email address was entered on the Auto Account Setup page of the wizard in Outlook.
  • The Autodiscover CNAME record for your domain doesn’t exist or isn’t set up correctly.

Previously, fixing this error was a long and involved process, filled with frustration. But now a new tool is emerging on the market from the creative minds at Agile IT. The AgileAutoDiscover Office 365 Auto XML tool will provide the end user with the ability to change the autodiscover records with relative ease. Changing the autodiscover record presents a challenge in co-existence situations, however with this new tool created by Agile IT you will be able to make those changes easily and swiftly with very little effort. The AgileAutoDiscover XML Tool forces the registry to prefer the local XML and domain name entries. With this tool you will be able to add or delete Single or Multiple Domains at the same time. You simply download the tool and click run. A small window will appear and enter the domain name.

You can also use the command line to add/delete single or multiple domains via the command line. For example:

  • To add domain via the command line:
    • Add Single Domain:
      AgileAutoDiscover.exe add contoso.com
    • Add Multiple Domains:
      AgileAutoDiscover.exe add contoso.com nwtraders.com
  • To delete domains via the command line:
    • Delete Single Domain:
      AgileAutoDiscover.exe delete contoso.com
    • Delete Multiple Domains:
      AgileAutoDiscover.exe delete contoso.com nwtraders.com

It’s that simple, and the best news is that it is being offered free from Agile IT. To download just click on this link: http://agileit.com/AgileAutoDiscover. Custom versions of the application that hardcode the information are available to Agile IT customers upon request.

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  • John.Gilham says:

    Update – Now supports Office 2013 for 32 and 64 bit.

  • Darren Woodford says:

    What is the difference between the AgileAutoDiscover.exe and the 365AutoXML.exe programs?
    What does the program actually do in the registry? I like to know what is going on before I run a program so I can backup (export) the relevant section of the registry.

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