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Office 365 Troubleshooting With Diagnostics

Whether your organization recently moved to Office 365 or have been a customer for years, Office 365 troubleshooting is a necessary function. As an IT admin, you need to know how to perform basic tasks.

In this guide, I’ll outline how to create Microsoft support tickets, perform a message trace and run a search security audit log.

Create Microsoft Support Tickets

If your organization doesn’t have a managed services contract with Agile IT, you can use the following instructions to create a support ticket with Microsoft:

1. Sign in with your Office 365 global admin account at https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home.

2. Click the “Need Help?” tab at the bottom right-hand corner.

office 365 troubleshooting





3. Provide a brief description of the problem then select “Let us call you.”

office 365 need help
4. Input a best contact telephone number then click “Call me.

Run a Search Security Audit Log

Sometimes you organization may need to run a security audit on a user’s account to see if the account has been compromised. To view devices that have accessed an account and where the account was accessed, use the following steps:

1. Go to https://protection.office.com and Sign in to Office 365
2. In the left pane, click Search & investigation, and then click Audit log search.

office 365 search investigation
3. The Audit log search page is displayed

audit log

Perform a Message Trace

Troubleshooting mail flow is typically only necessary when adding a messaging appliance to your network (such as an archiving or SPAM appliance) or if you change DNS providers. Use the following steps to identify whether a message is reaching Office 365:

1. Sign in to Office 365 Admin Center.
2. In the lower-left pane, expand Admin and select Exchange.
3. In the Exchange admin center, browse to mail flow > message trace.

message trace exchange admin center
4. Specify the desired values and select “search.”

message trace details

Office 365 troubleshooting can be a time-intensive process. Working with an Office 365 consultant can expedite the troubleshooting timeframe and free you to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

If you’re looking to offload Office 365 troubleshooting or complete cloud management, contact one of Agile IT’s Office 365 consultants, and help streamline your organization today.

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