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PowerShell Plus Script Editor and Development Environment (IDE) – Free for Non-Commercial Use

PowerShell+ is a true PowerShell console embedded in a rich and intuitive user interface.  Costs about $79 for commercial use and worth every penny.


  • External Editor
  • Support for PS1-Scripts
  • Support for XML-Files
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Live-Preview with Vista Aero
  • Multiple Document 
  • True Console with 100% Compatibility
  • Runs all native apps
  • Auto-trigger and Intellisense-like Menus
  • Insert Snippets
  • Command History Persistance and Macros
  • Transparency
  • Minimode and Menu-Hide-Mode
  • Changing Fonts, Colors, and Font Sizes
  • Adding new Fonts
  • PowerTAB included
  • Intellisense-like Menus
  • Code-completion inside editor
  • Completion for Cmdlet Parameters
  • Completion for Methods and Properties
  • Completion for .NET types
  • Completion for COM objects


Read more @> Shell Tools @ PowerShell.com

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