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SCOM Exchange 2010 Monitoring Error with new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1

In setting up SCOM to monitor Exchange 2010, I was getting SCOM Alerts that indicated that certain test scripts could not run such as Test-WebServicesConnectivity. When running the powershell, I receive the error:

[PS] C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Scripts>.new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1
Please enter a temporary secure password for creating test users. For security purposes, the password will be changed regularly and automatically by the system.
Enter password: ***********
Create test user on: SERVER.agileit.com
Click CTRL+Break to quit or click Enter to continue.:
CreateTestUser : Mailbox could not be created. Verify that OU ( Users ) exists and that password meets complexity requirements. At C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Scriptsnew-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1:267 char:31+$result = CreateTestUser <<<<  $exchangeServer $mailboxServer $securePassword $OrganizationalUnit $UMDialPlan $UMExtension $Prompt+CategoryInfo: NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException

To resolve I needed to narrow the default search of the “Users” OU to specific DN since I had other OU in the domain with the Users name.

To run the new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 Exchange Powershell, you must change to the directory of scripts by typing:

cd “Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14Scripts”

On a single server, you resolve this by running (Replace bolded domain with your info):

.new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 -OrganizationalUnit = CN=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL

Or Multiple servers:

get-mailboxServer | .new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 -OrganizationalUnit = CN=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL

Or on a single server with a UM enabled users (Replace Domain, DialPlan, and Ext with your Info:

.new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 -OrganizationalUnit = CN=Users,DC=DOMAIN,DC=LOCAL –UMDialPlan HQ –UMExtension 713


Even though it fixed the issue in SCOM, I still get this error when running the script:

WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of ‘agileit.com/Users/extest_56fa6c434b504’ have been modified.

But it works!

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