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SharePoint 2007 SEO for Search Engines – Sitemap.xml Generator

I was searching for a Sharepoint 2007 add-on (or feature) that will generate a dynamic sitemap.xml for my public facing SharePoint site.  Sitemaps ( allows google and other search engines to access all the links on your site, and even specify how often they should be crawled.  While unsuccessfully in finding a working sample, I did come across this good search engine optimization (SEO) article for MOSS 2007 to make google friendly (or any search engine for that matter) site using SharePoint’s built in publishing event handler components.

SharePoint’s extranet or public facing workflow based content publishing enables users to generate content internally, then dynamically generate the external sites once defined workflow approvals have been met.  SharePoint will automatically generate the static html version of the page and upload the published pages to any other Sharepoint site, Webdav (FrontPage extensions), or even FTP updated sites. These external published sites can be in a DMZ, or even a hosted web provider that supports FTP uploads.

Enough of my ramblings, here is snippet of the article…I’m anxiously awaiting their code sample to generate that sitemap.xml file that the author says is coming soon:

Search Engine Optimization is how you get your web site ranked high in internet search engines. When somebody performs a search on Google or MS Live Search or Yahoo, etc… they get hundreds or thousands of results. These results can span across hundreds of pages all containing a “next page” link at the bottom of the page. Most people will click the “next page” link exactly one time. SEO is how you get your site listed within this extraordinarily tight list. It’s a discipline, a methodology and fortunately, MOSS provides lots of ways of implementing this very tall order.

If you are new to the world of MOSS SEO, please take a moment and read the advise freely given by Google called Webmaster Guidelines. This information should be taken pretty seriously if you are pretty serious about MOSS SEO. One of the things recommended not only by Google, but all the other major search engines is to take advantage of a site map. We are currently working on a control that can be added to your MOSS site via site feature which will dynamically update your site map when you publish a page. This will be shared freely, as well as the source code so your developers can further extend as necessary

MOSS SEO – SharePoint 2007 SEOhttp://www.mossseo.com/

Update: The SharePoint User Group (theSUG)has created a working sitemap generator for your /pages directory of your SharePoint site here: SharePoint SiteMap.xml Generator

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