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Windows PowerShell 2.0: The CTP v2 Available for Download

Announcing the release of Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP (pre-Beta). Do not install on a production system.

The Windows PowerShell Team is pleased to release the second Community Technology Preview (CTP2) of Windows PowerShell V2!

This release adds a plethora of new features. PowerShell remoting now allows a one-to-one interactive experience. Thought about partitioning and organizing PowerShell scripts? Use modules to create self-contained and reusable units. This release introduces transactions support in PowerShell engine and APIs along with an update to the Registry provider to support them. We introduced eventing support in Powershell engine for listening, forwarding and acting on management and system events. Support for multiple parameter sets in script cmdlets bring them to par with C# cmdlets. For the adventurous folks…. application developers can host PowerShell in IIS to support multiple remote PowerShell sessions in a single process. These are just a few of the new features we have packaged in this CTP2 release. Additionally this CTP2 includes some simple updates… like new parameters to several existing cmdlets. More feature descriptions and details are in the Release Notes and in the “about” topics included with the installation.

Reminder to the brave souls who want to use these bits in a production environment … Don’t.

This CTP is not a betaThis software is a pre-release version. It will not work the way a final version of the software does. These CTP2 bits have not gone through rigorous testing. Even with these caveats, we hope you would try them out and let us know your feedback.

Last but certainly not least, V2 builds upon Windows PowerShell 1.0 by providing backward compatibility – your 1.0 cmdlets and scripts will run on this CTP2 (with the exceptions noted in the Release Notes – mostly new keywords/cmdlets). If a working 1.0 script doesn’t run on V2 and is not in the known list of exceptions, please tell us about it!


Features in PS 2.0:

Ø Compatibility with PowerShell 1.0

Ø PowerShell Remoting

Ø Background Jobs

Ø ScriptCmdlets

Ø Data-only Language

Ø Script Internationalization

Ø Script Debugging

Ø New APIs for extracting Metadata from Commands and Parameters

Ø New Parser Tokenizer API

Ø New PowerShell Hosting APIs

Ø Pools of Runspace

Ø Restricted Runspaces

Ø Graphical PowerShell

Ø Out-GridView cmdlet


Improvements in PS 2.0:

Ø Changes to TabExpansion function

Ø New parameters added to Select-String

Ø Updated Type Adapters

Ø Improvements to Get-Member

Ø Improved ADSI support

Ø New parameters added to Get-WMIObject

Ø Improved Bitwise Operators (int64)


Download Windows PowerShell V2 CTP2

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