Cloud Project & Office 365 Case Studies

Skype Cloud PBX Deployment Simplifies Communication for Global Company

Few companies do all business in a physical office, so why should voice communication be limited to desk phones and computers? Cloud PBX solutions remove the need for physical phone lines, allowing...

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Skype for Business Cloud PBX Saves REVShare $1,493 Monthly

REVShare is a leading TV advertising broker that distributes advertisers’ cost per acquisition commercials across a vast network of television stations.

Based in Temecula, CA, REVSh...

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Office 365 Hybrid Deployment Helps Investment Firm Stay Agile, Drive Growth

Washington Capital Management is an investment advisor firm headquartered in Seattle. After using Exchange 2010 for email, the company came to a critical point where it needed to either upgrade its...

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite Lifts Productivity for Woodside Bible Church

Woodside Bible Church is a megachurch headquartered in Michigan with 10,000 weekend members across 13 campuses. After migrating to Office 365 for email and business productivity last year, Woodside...

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Office 365 Migration Eases IT Workload & Remote Access for FNCB

First National Collection Bureau (FNCB) is a leading collection and receivables organization based in Northern Nevada. Through more than 30 years helping clients recover delinquent receivables and ...

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C.W. Driver

Agile IT Azure Cloud Solutions Help C.W. Driver Execute Cloud Computing Strategy

C.W. Driver is a leading California-based general contractor serving the education, healthcare, retail, industrial and civic sectors since 1919. After investing in Office 365, C.W. Driver’s ...

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Scheduling Savior: Office 365 Cloud Migration Unites Global Kiromic Team

Kiromic is a Texas-based biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies that combat cancer. With 25 users spread across the world, scheduling meetings with a global team and no shared ca...

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Ability Beyond

How Ability Beyond Cut Infrastructure Costs With a Hybrid Office 365 Migration

For many nonprofits, staying ahead of the technology curve falls low on the list of priorities. That’s what Ability Beyond found when it faced the decision to upgrade or replace its onsite server...

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The Holy Land Experience

Holy Land Experience Cut Costs & Simplified Administration By Moving to Office 365

Working on Exchange 2007, Systems Administrator Luis Garcia wanted a streamlined and reliable solution for the Holy Land Experience’s 48 users that didn’t require constant updates.

The n...

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Tilley Group


As a company that manages a suite of diverse businesses, the Tilly Group thrives off email.

Its major subsidiary, Tilly Pressure Test, ensures companies in the oil field services and other i...

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Ross Innovative Employment Solutions

How Ross Innovative Employment Solutions successfully migrated to Office 365 despite roadblocks

In the workforce development industry, collaboration is critical. To equip job seekers with workforce-ready skills and connect them with the right employers, companies like Ross Innovative Employme...

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Dotchi, LLC

How Dotchi saved time & money with an Office 365 migration

Splitting off from a 2,000-person parent company is a huge undertaking. Restructuring people and processes while maintaining business as usual presents serious challenges for a small company. But m...

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