Feb 4

Understanding Microsoft EMS

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Employees need instant access to information to do their jobs fast and well. As more companies replace physical servers with flexible cloud environments, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: H....

Feb 2

Windows 10 upgrades are now narrowed down to “Upgrade Now” or “Upgrade Tonight”

Microsoft has been pushing their Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10. Most feedback from users to upgrade has been negative as they have already been subjected to stealthy installation of....

Jan 26

Enjoy BYOD benefits & mitigate BYOD risks with Azure Rights Management


When you think about “rights,” you tend to think about people. People have rights. In the context of managing information on your corporate network, you think about assigning rights to people so t....

Jan 19

Microsoft’s Universal App Platform gets a new member: Netflix

In December Microsoft announced it was bringing Netflix into the Windows Store to run on Microsoft’s universal app platform. Users will be able to run Netflix on PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox O....

Jan 15

How Dotchi saved time & money with an Office 365 migration

Splitting off from a 2,000-person parent company is a huge undertaking. Restructuring people and processes while maintaining business as usual presents serious challenges for a small company. But migr....

Jan 12

Eliminating Large Operating Expenses with Skype for Business

There are only two reasons any business spends money. One is to produce more revenue. The other is to reduce costs. All other business motivations have their roots in these two. Now would be a very go....

Jan 5

Thinking beyond Office 365: Microsoft has big plans for Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft is always developing new and innovative technologies to make every day business easier and safer. The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a Cloud-based solution designed to address BYOD, SaaS....

Dec 24

How Proactive Managed Services Go Beyond Problem-Solving to Profit-Generating

“Managed Services” have been a great value for many small and midmarket companies for years. Having a team of experts who would solve technology problems and take care of the computers took many c....

Dec 22

iOS 9 users have Day Zero support with Intune

Just a couple short months ago, Apple released the final version of iOS 9 worldwide and made a 9.1 beta available.  Apple has been hard at work to ensure Intune meets all compatibility requirements f....


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