Sep 15

The new Office 365 Admin Center Preview


Our mission is to empower you to achieve more. For Office 365 IT administrators, this means improving the experience of the Office 365 Admin Center so that it is more delightful to use, by making it m....

Sep 8

Snip makes you even more productive using Microsoft Office

Snipping is an everyday task for millions of Office users. They paste screenshots into emails, documents, presentations, notebooks, etc., and write text explaining the concept that the screen snips he....

Sep 4

Office 365 News Roundup – September 4th, 2015

“The proof is in the pudding.” How many times have you heard that? According to numerous sources, the original saying was “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” What it meant was that yo....

Aug 28

Helping business analysts take full advantage of Excel 2016 and the new Power BI

Excel is the world’s most widely used and familiar data analysis tool and for good reason! It provides flexibility at each stage of your analytic journey, with tools that support both quick ad hoc c....

Aug 25

Deeper integration between Office documents and Outlook for iOS

Today we are excited to announce deeper integration between Outlook and our other key Office apps for iPhone and iPad—Word, Excel and PowerPoint—designed to make it easier than ever to collaborate....

Aug 21

Office 365 News Roundup – August 21st, 2015

“There is nothing so stable as change.” —Bob Dylan One thing is certain: the advent of the Office 365 service has brought an unprecedented amount of innovation and change to our productivity and....

Aug 18

Managing Office 365 updates

Over the past year, we released over 450 updates to Office 365, as noted by Julia White in this recent Office Mechanics show. As customers move from on-premises software to the cloud, they need new to....

Aug 14

Optimizing Yammer for teams

When we first set out to create Yammer, we started with the simple idea that information is more valuable when it’s shared. As an enterprise social network, Yammer revolutionized information sharing....

Aug 11

Windows 10 updates for Office 365 admins

What capabilities in Windows 10 will benefit Office 365 admins? During the Microsoft Ignite conference in May, we invited Michael Niehaus—veteran Windows deployment and management expert—to presen....


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