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In the last year Microsoft Office 365 has transformed into a solidly rooted Cloud software solution to help businesses solve common problems.  Businesses are often plagued by having to spend time and money on various software solutions for multiple devices.  In modern times where bring your own device and telecommuting seem to be the new trends, businesses need a solution to fit the needs of a mobile workforce.  With Office 365 users can save and access files and documents from the Cloud so company admins need to be able to maintain control over where the data is residing. Read more


Backing up data is a strategic and critical process to copy and recover data efficiently.  It is also used to ensure data is available daily for your employees to use as needed.  Data centers have evolved immensely over the past few years and have seen a huge growth in storage, business analytics, and large adoption of Cloud and virtualized solutions across the enterprise. Read more

Knowing where to spend your Unified Communications dollars shouldn’t involve just rolling the dice.  While your options for redundancy are varied, not every opportunity will be a logical fit for your organization.  Let Agile IT alleviate your concerns, and help you decide exactly where to spend your UC dollars to maximize your protection. Read more

Cloud computing doesn’t just belong in the private, for-profit sector.  Educational institutions, like George Washington University, can greatly benefit from the cost savings inherent to cloud computing.  Agile IT has been helping our clients save money by moving to the cloud since 2006.  Contact us today to find out more about how your organization could benefit from moving to the Cloud. Read more

Office 365 2 Factor Authentication

Microsoft just recently announced the release of Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 to midsize business, enterprise plans, academics, nonprofits, and standalone Office 365 plans to include Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. This release will allow those with these subscriptions to enable multi-factor authentication for their Office 365 users without additional costs, fees or subscriptions. Read more


Send encrypted emails to anyone through Office 365

Microsoft has announced that Exchange Hosted Encryption will be replaced by Office 365 Message Encryption. This is a service that allows the sending of encrypted emails outside an organization. Typically, email encryption is only available within an organization and can be difficult or limited to sending to outside addresses. Now, with Office 365 emails can be sent encrypted to any destination whether it be Gmail, Squirrel Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Exchange server, or countless others. This encryption also works with Office 365 mailboxes as well as others that use the Exchange Online Protection. This service brings encryption functionality to Office 365 users through Microsoft and eliminates the need to use third party add-ons. Read more