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Many organizations that have made the investment in Microsoft cloud services as a strategic decision to increase productivity, security, compliance, and digitize their business are often stuck between being a Modern Workplace and the available market of traditional IT service providers. Organizations are then faced with either hiring full-time staff to operate and maintain their existing environment or contract out a collection of vendors to operate what they have.  While the organization’s environment has transformed, their IT staffing and purchasing is often still traditional.

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Cloud Managed Security Service Provider

Managed Services and Security Service Providers

The Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) industry has widely been a traditional offering made available to organizations to offload and/or augment all or specific areas of IT management.  While this continues to be an evolving industry, there are many core challenges in their approach to delivering services to customers, their business model, and their intention in customer change.

MSPs and MSSPs offer an attractive “we’ll take care of the details” approach, but this includes making decisions in third-party services and agents that they use across multiple customers.  In general, this is a poor approach to delivering consistent services to customers.  It’s often a collection of disparate services that they have collected along the way.  The integration into a cohesive whole is often lacking by those vendors, and certainly they are not utilizing the Microsoft investments that the customer has already made.

Thus, the provider will often expect the customers to not leverage their Microsoft investment in favor of using their third-party services in order to engage in their service. While this is profitable and expedient for the MSP, it creates customer lock-in, while incurring additional costs and security risks.

The Agile IT Cycle of Services

The Agile IT MethodologyStaying ahead of the competition and avoiding disruption is key to every organization. Our proven path to digital transformation has been tested and refined for over 15 years. and has helped over two thousand organizations recognize the returns of cloud adoption.

  1. AgileAscend – Moving to the Microsoft cloud is more than just email. It is files, collaboration tools, security and governance policies, infrastructure, applications and more. We can move it all without disrupting your employees productivity.
  2. AgileAdvisor – Keeping up with new features, threats, and laws is complicated. AgileAdvisor gives you a dedicated program manager that not only keeps you up-to-date, but who also assures that your digital transformation roadmap is on track.
  3. AgileBuild – Process automation is about more than just saving time. Automating processes like employee onboarding or accounts receivable also reduces the risk of human error, and is a force multiplier for administrative and production teams. Agile IT’s engineers are backed by a team of developers to maximize the value and scalability of low-code and no-code solutions.
  4. AgileMAX – When implemented correctly, cloud managed infrastructure can remove most of the day to day burden from IT teams, allowing them to focus on strategy and business growth. Agile IT can leverage Microsoft cloud technologies to manage workstations, mobile devices, endpoints and infrastructure.

Guiding Principles

  • We want your business to function without the need to spend time with your IT provider
  • Things just work (Self-Service and No-Service)
  • You own everything Service enablement, alerts, data, etc. are all within your tenant: Agile IT doesn’t gatekeep
  • Simplified, Curated, and Condensed aggregated reporting leveraging Microsoft, community, and Agile IT-created reports, in a readable and actionable format
  • No third-party tools or agents, which increase attack surface and impose additional costs
  • Everything configured and stored in the customer’s tenant (policies, alerts, configurations, etc.)
  • Make the most of your Microsoft investment. Continuously evaluate, configure, and update new capabilities and changes from Microsoft provided by the customer’s existing licensing entitlements
  • Maintain and improve security posture based on existing Microsoft licensing, Microsoft recommendations, industry and government best practices, and Agile IT recommendations and best practices
  • Understand YOUR business goals and drive you to the right decisions
Managed Service Provider Priciples

AgileMAX Managed Services


  • Continuous good IT hygiene across Microsoft 365 services
  • Onboarding and offboarding users and devices


  • Continuous good security hygiene
  • Evaluation and reaction to alerts and notifications


  • Alignment to industry and government frameworks
  • Guidance and support for documentation and audits


  • Continuous good IT hygiene for infrastructure and platform services
  • Targeting cloud and on-premises servers
  • Leveraging Microsoft Azure to manage, update, secure, and backup

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Agile IT is a four time Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year and one of the top 100 cloud computing solution providers in the world. And hold 15+ Gold Microsoft Competencies – including a Gold competency in Cloud Platform. We have been a trusted advisor for our customers since 2006.

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