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For most workers today, their workstations are their primary productivity tool, no matter if it is a laptop or desktop. Desktop support is a continual struggle, from “Patch Tuesday” to getting devices set up for new employees. Add the mix of Windows, Mac, and Linux devices that may require support, and IT costs start to rise right alongside the support team’s blood pressure. Agile IT’s cloud managed endpoint management solutions bring a modern desktop experience to your users while also simplifying the day-to-day tasks of your IT Team.

Intune Autopilot
Windows 365

Cloud Managed Windows 10 and 11

Imagine a life without patching, imaging, on-premise application repositories, and where policies, applications, and even full machine refreshes can be done remotely in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Cloud synced devices allow end users to keep their files in the event of hardware loss or failure, and where desktop troubleshooting is just a bad memory.

  • Employee devices can be remotely provisioned with security policies, required software, and remotely refreshed in the event of software issues
  • Files are intelligently synched to the cloud to reduce bandwidth usage, preserve battery life, and reducing the need to full device backups
  • Intelligent patch management allows you to control how and when devices update, while removing the tedium of tracking individual device health

Microsoft Windows 365 – Single User Cloud Desktops

The simplest cloud PC to manage also is the easiest to predict costs. Windows 365 is built for hybrid and work-from-home workforces, allowing end users to use any device to access a stable cloud based desktop that removes the friction of using multiple devices based on their location.

  • A common desktop accessible from Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android devices
  • Smooth the transition between working in the office and working from home without sacrificing productivity
Windows 10 And 11
Desktops To Be Set Up

Azure Virtual Desktop – Cloud Scalable Multiuser Desktops

When you need enterprise scale virtual desktops, Azure Virtual Desktop covers your needs. A true multi-user experience with highly customizable virtual machines allows you to have cost-effective virtual machines for call centers and users who predominantly work with SaaS solutions, or high-powered environments for graphics design, video processing, simulations, or CAD workloads.

  • Manage your virtual desktops from the same place as your physical endpoints and mobile devices
  • User profiles that move easily between virtual devices even with OS and VM changes
  • Work with a Microsoft Gold Managed Partner who understands your business needs as well as the cloud

Windows Autopilot Onboarding

By leveraging Autopilot and Intune, Agile IT can define and deploy a base environment to allow onboarding new desktops or refreshing desktops without having to send an IT engineer to the site, build and deploy custom images, or ship devices to the customer’s IT location.

  • Never create another image, and remove the need to pre-provision devices for new users
  • Configure, update, secure, and operate a Windows 10 or 11 devices as they come online
  • Fully functional policies and processes validated against end user personas
Stop Imaging

Free Consultation

Managing endpoints, laptops and workstations can be complex, and the costs of getting things wrong can be immense. Let us know about your organization and get a no-risk consultation on how your business can create an affordable workstation strategy to reduce costs, downtime, and risk.

Agile IT is a four time Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year and one of the top 100 cloud computing solution providers in the world. Agile IT is a Microsoft Managed Partner and holds 15+ Gold Microsoft Competencies. We have been a trusted advisor for our customers since 2006.

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