Government Microsoft Licensing: Expertise and Cost Optimization

Ensure compliance and data security, while also  providing robust protection for your government cloud environment with government Microsoft licensing.

We Know Microsoft Office 365 GCC High & Azure Government

Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is complicated, and navigating federal information protection requirements is just as complex. Having the wrong Microsoft licensing can derail your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) efforts, and leave users, information, and your environment at risk. Agile IT has been a Microsoft partner since 2004 and was among the first partners selected to license Azure Government, GCC, and GCC High.  

For customers concerned with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Microsoft 365 GCC High is the only Microsoft solution that meets ITAR standards.

The Microsoft Agreement for Online Services – Government (AOS-G) program was created to support federal, defense, and aerospace contractors that must meet enhanced cybersecurity control requirements. As an AOS-G partner, our mission is to make sure our clients don’t just get what they want, they get what they need

Microsoft 365
for GCC High

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Dynamics 365
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Azure Government

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Our Expertise

We implement a GCC High licensing cost optimization strategy tailored to your specific agency objectives, forming the foundation for a successful government cloud transition.

Tailored Strategy for Success

We develop customized GCC High licensing strategies that align with your agency’s objectives, ensuring an efficient transition to the government cloud.

Compliance & Data Security

We prioritize compliance with CMMC and data sovereignty regulations, protecting sensitive government data within national boundaries.

Robust Zero Trust Security

Our implementation of Microsoft’s leading security tools meets NIST 800-207 and CMMC cybersecurity requirements, providing enhanced data protection through a comprehensive zero trust framework.

Integrated Collaboration Solutions

Leverage GCC High’s collaborative tools tailored for government agencies, promoting efficient team communication and productivity.

Comprehensive Microsoft Solutions and Licensing

Step into the future with Agile IT, your trusted Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (CSP). We deliver an extensive array of Microsoft products and services that can propel your business to new heights of productivity and modernity.

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Microsoft 365 for GCC High

Microsoft 365 Government (formerly Office 365 Government) encompasses widely-used productivity applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. It integrates robust security and compliance tools tailored for government agencies, assuring data protection and optimized workflows that align with federal regulations.

powerbi licensing

PowerBI for GCC High

Enable data-driven decision making with Power BI for Government. This business analytics tool provides interactive visualizations and self-service business intelligence capabilities, aiding in more informed decision-making processes within secure, government-compliant environments.

microsoft sharepoint licensing

SharePoint Online​ for GCC High

SharePoint for Government enables agencies to organize, share, and manage content efficiently within a secure, web-based platform. Tailored to fit your organization's unique needs, SharePoint serves as a document management and storage system that complies with government-specific security and privacy requirements.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for GCC

Revolutionize your agency's processes with Dynamics 365 Government. This suite of intelligent applications brings you CRM and ERP solutions tailored for various aspects of government operations, including sales, customer service, finance, and marketing, within a secure and compliant cloud environment.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for GCC High

Boost inter-agency communication with Microsoft Teams for Government. This platform integrates chat, video meetings, and file storage within a secure environment, fostering seamless collaboration among your team members while maintaining compliance with government standards.

microsoft defender

Microsoft Defender​ for GCC High

Enhance the protection of your government endpoints with Microsoft Endpoint Protection. This comprehensive, cloud-delivered security solution provides risk-based vulnerability management, attack surface reduction, and behavioral-based next-generation protection, all in compliance with government security standards.


Microsoft Intune for GCC High

Leverage the strength of Microsoft Intune within your government organization. This cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution maintains control over your agency's devices and applications, ensuring they adhere to government security and privacy policies.

microsoft azure licensing

Azure Government

Unleash the power of Azure Government, Microsoft's dedicated cloud computing platform for government agencies. Offering diverse services in computing, analytics, storage, and networking, Azure Government delivers unmatched versatility and compliance with the stringent security standards required in public sector contexts.

Optimizing Microsoft Government Licensing
with DFARS Compliance:

Navigating Microsoft Licensing for government organizations can be complex, especially when adhering to regulations like the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). The intricacies of selecting the correct licenses that align with DFARS requirements can often be a challenging task. As experts in the field, Agile IT can effectively guide your organization through these complexities, ensuring that you are leveraging the specialized Government Community Cloud (GCC) licenses that Microsoft offers. These licenses meet stringent compliance requirements and provide a secure way to store, process, and manage Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and other sensitive data. Our knowledge and experience in this realm can significantly help your organization remain compliant while harnessing the power of Microsoft’s technologies.

DFARS compliance with microsoft gcc high

Understanding Microsoft AOS-G Licensing

The AOS-G program is the only way for companies to purchase GCC High Licensing. This is done through a modified Enterprise Agreement, which is different from commercial licensing acquisition in a number of ways (see below). Azure Government subscriptions are available for a variety of use cases, including long-term logging for security and audit purposes.

Licenses Available

Microsoft 365 GCC High does not have an equivalent to commercial Microsoft 365-style Business Premium licensing. These licenses  types are insufficient to meet NIST 800-171 controls, so they are not offered. Instead, Microsoft 365 Frontline and Enterprise license types F1, E3, E5, etc. licenses are available and supported.


Given the additional security and compliance services provided by Microsoft GCC High licensing is approximately 70% more costly than equivalent commercial licensing.

Agreement Term

Microsoft 365 GCC High is licensed via a modified Enterprise Agreement , and therefore as such, licenses must be purchased for one year at a time. During that year, licenses and add-ons can be added and reassigned, but they cannot be removed.

Microsoft 365 GCC High Resources

We’ve helped thousands of organizations license, implement, and migrate to the cloud. Our guides and blogs are excellent resources to help you understand the Microsoft sovereign clouds and how to reach compliance in Microsoft 365 GCC High and Azure Government.

CMMC And GCC High Guides:

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Beginning your move from Microsoft 365 Commercial to GCC High starts with the validation process. This, is fairly straight-forward with three key steps.

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You do not need GCC High for CMMC or 3.0! However, you might need GCC High for other reasons.

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Compliance Across the Microsoft Sovereign Clouds​

Discover the key differences between Commercial, GCC, and GCC High Microsoft 365 environments.

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Understanding Microsoft Government Cloud Security​

Explore Microsoft's GovCloud security & its role in safeguarding sensitive information.

How We Work

cloud security risk management

Cutting-Edge Risk Management

Utilize our advanced tools and proactive strategies to mitigate potential risks throughout the GCC High licensing process.

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Partnership-Focused Strategy

Benefit from our collaborative approach as we work hand-in-hand with your team, understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions to ensure success during the GCC High licensing.

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Compliance Mastery

Stay confident in your ITAR and CMMC compliance as we navigate the intricate frameworks, leveraging a robust security system to protect your sensitive data.

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Expert Insight and Innovation

Rely on our years of experience and innovation which have resulted in advanced tools and methods that streamline the migration process and enhance post-migration operations.

microsoft certified partner

Microsoft-Certified Excellence

Leverage our exceptional expertise in Microsoft solutions, certified by rare and prestigious credentials that position us among the top-tier Microsoft partners. We bring this deep knowledge to each project, enhancing outcomes for your organization.

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Transparent & Predictable Pricing

We offer competitive rates that align with the value and quality of our services, ensuring our clients receive exceptional value for their investment.

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