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Microsoft licensing can be complex. Agile IT has been a Microsoft Cloud Partner since 2004, and we know our way around. Our licensing experts take on the burden off managing licensing — helping you maximize your Microsoft investments and reducing redundancy and costs.

Agile IT is able to provide licensing for every available Microsoft service including Commercial, Academic, Enterprise, Government Community Cloud (GCC) Moderate, GCC High, Azure Commercial and Azure Government.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Purchasing the same license for every employee is not only a waste of money it also incurs a huge amount of risk. Poor licensing decisions may leave users vulnerable to phishing and ransomware while leaving them unmanaged for compliance policies like HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC and NIST. Meanwhile, leaving non-office workers without communication and collaboration tools like email and Teams because of the cost reduces their productivity.

By transferring your Office 365 and Azure licenses to Agile IT, you gain:

  • License Geeks: Agile IT can review your Microsoft licenses to assist in identifying cost savings opportunities
  • Faster Microsoft Support: Agile IT is a Microsoft Premiere Support partner and can help solve your problems directly or escalate your Microsoft support tickets.

Let Agile IT manage your Microsoft licenses, and get a trusted Microsoft partner on your side for no additional cost.

Microsoft Licensing Resources

Our Microsoft Licensing Guides are some of our most popular blogs! While we try to keep them up-to-date our writers can’t always keep up with changes to the Microsoft Licensing Ecosystem. Our clients get access to dedicated licensing experts to answer their questions and make sure they never miss a update.

Microsoft Licensing Guides

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