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Fixing Invalid SKU Errors When Installing SQL Server 2008 on a Windows 2008 Cluster

A weird issue happened to me when installing SQL 2008 on a 4-Node cluster Windows 2008 x64 cluster.

After having issues installing from an extracted ISO, I had to manually install .Net framework 3.5 and Windows Installer 4.5 hotfixes from the redist directory of the SQL install. Thought I was in the clear, when 2 of the 4 nodes wouldn’t let me install SQL 2008 failing with an “Invalid SKU” error.

The solution found on Microsoft’s site was:

The solution to adding second time is add the additional node(s) with command line from the SQL 2008 source files:

setup.exe /q /ACTION=AddNode /INSTANCENAME=”<Insert Instance Name>” /SQLSVCACCOUNT=”<SQL account used on other nodes>” /SQLSVCPASSWORD=”<password for SQL account>” /AGTSVCACCOUNT=”<SQL Server Agent account used on other nodes>”, /AGTSVCPASSWORD=”<SQL Server Agent account password>”



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