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Identity Access Management

2021 saw an unprecedented rise in the pace of mergers and acquisitions MA activity saw a sharp uptake after the 2020 COVID19 pandemic and the resul...


Microsoft Priva Gcc Gcc High Dod

As you strive to meet the unique and evolving eligibility requirement of the DoD witheither GCC GCC High or DoDnewswhatisgcchightarget...


Getting Gcc Validation

Data security is of great concern to federal agencies and contractors The federal government leverages Government Community Cloud GCC to ensure sec...


Wwiii Cybersecurity War

There have been many wars across the world since the beginning of time Most of these wars were physical boots on the ground firefights Taking a fe...


Data Loss Prevention Microsoft 365

Data loss prevention is paramount for every organization That means keeping sensitive data from malicious actors and also preventing the accidental d...