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Biggest Tech Stories 2018

Handpicking the top tech stories of the year is no easy feat Each year techs rapid growth and industry swallowing behaviorsresult in a slew of he...


Break Glass Procedure

WHAT IS A BREAK GLASS PROCEDUREYouve probably spotted breakglass points or boxes in a building Usually smashing the glass allows quick acc...


Cloud Backup Azure Disaster Recovery

A disaster which brings down a companys online operations and data records can kill the business Losing business records can make it impossible to ...


Aws Backup Strategy

Everyorganization requiresa unique backup architecture Amazon Web Services offers flexible backup and restoresolutionsnewsadvantagesawsback...


Expect Managed Services Contract

If you are planning to outsource your IT services to a managed services providercloudmanagedservicessecurity there are several things you ne...